David F. Tamanini announces his retirement from the practice of law effective October 31, 2012. Any present and former
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Tamanini Law

End of a Long Marriage?

Get Answers To Avoid Extended Conflict. We know about the problems leading to the end of marriages of any duration, so we understand what's on your mind.

Our office can show you legal choices and ways to avoid the never ending divorce conflict. Whether you've been married 5, 10, or 20 years or more, you'll have the benefit of our knowledge of divorce law and our experience helping people looking for better, faster solutions.

There are answers for your particular problems. For answers on how we help people avoid extended conflict and about how we can help you resolve your end of marriage conflict with respect and fairness, click here for FAQ's.

With our caring help and ideas, you can cope with the present and prepare for your future. Through it all, with our problem solving experience, and calm compassion for your situation, we'll be with you all through the divorce.

If you've got children, we know you want to stay involved in their lives and that you have ideas on how you want to do that. We'll give you the support and counsel to help you set up a custody and parenting plan that will lessen the stress on the children and you too.

Of course you want a fair divorce settlement - we know that. We will help you look at your financial picture that might include complicated pension plans and many years of assets from the marriage. Then, we'll work for you to make a plan that covers your needs. If you choose the collaborative process we'll help you fashion the settlement you need. (Check out the FAQ page for more on the collaborative process) If your matter is bound for the court's and we can't negotiate a settlement for you, we'll be by your side if a courtroom is the only way to a solution.

Click Here for FAQ's for answers to other common questions and learn more about us and the way we serve.

Area of Practice
  • Divorce / Family Law
    • » Collaborative Process
    • » Mediation
    • » Parenting Coordination
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