The Effect of Divorce on Children

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divorceParents in separation and divorce are very much concerned about the effects divorce has on their children. When parents divorce, they wonder if their decision will affect the overall happiness and health of their children. The aspect of divorce is one that has a lot of interest to sociologists and psychologists in general. Divorce in itself doesn’t affect children in a negative way. However, the effect comes as a result of what happens after divorce.

The first year of divorce

The first year of divorce is normally the toughest. It is estimated that about 48 percent of Americans and British children have once lived in a divorced setup. Research also shows that kids struggle the most during the first year or second year of divorce. Kids are most likely to experience some form of anger, disbelief, and anxiety. However, many kids look to bounce back as they get used to daily routines and grow comfortable with the living arrangement.

Emotional impact

Divorce has a tendency of creating an emotional turmoil to the entire family. However, for kids, the situation can be a bit scary and confusing. Young children will always struggle to understand why they must be switched between two homes. Some normally worry that if their parents can stop loving each other, a time may come when they stop loving them too. Children at school normally worry that they might be judged unfairly when they do wrong in school.


There are other stressful events that are associated with divorce. There is the effect of children losing daily contact with one parent, which most likely happens to be the fathers. Divorce also has an adverse effect on a child’s relationship with the custodial parent which is most often their mothers. Primary caregivers have often reported higher levels of stress that is associated with single parenting. Studies have also shown that mothers become less supporting as well as less affectionate once a divorce happens.


There is also the challenge of remarriage and ongoing adjustments. In most cases, adults remarry within the first four years of after divorce. The addition of a step parent and the prevailing addition of stepchildren may have an undesirable effect on children. Many children have to get new kids as their friends and this may not go so well with some. The failure rate associated with the second marriage is even higher than that of the first marriage.

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