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Everything You Need to Know About Twitter Marketing

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Twitter is one of the most used social media platforms in the work. Towing services in Jacksonville use the platform to advertise their services to hundreds of potential customers. Twitter users are 2.7 times more likely to purchase a product after seeing it on the platform. Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses whether new or established.

If you are running an eCommerce business and want to get the best from advertising on this platform, here is how to go about it.

Design an Eye-Catching Profile

Your twitter profile should be optimized to make a great first impression and eventually generate the required sales. You need to have consistent branding across your profile and this means your cover photo and profile picture should be complementary and visually appealing. The profile picture will mostly be a picture of your logo or something that represents your business and does communicate your mission, brand, and message. Use that section to spark the interest of those who come across your profile. You can also use keywords that are relevant to your business and implement a targeting.

Engage with your user base

The greatest thing about twitter is that it is made up of 24/7 interactions and constant activity, as compared to frequent posting from platforms such as Instagram and Facebook which makes these platforms feel like spam. On twitter, you will be interacting with followers and fans who are ideal potential customers. You can send interactive tweets, create polls, see instant results among others. You can also ask questions related to your products and services and keep tabs with what is happening in your industry.

Grow your following

Beyond the followers you have, Twitter gives you an excellent opportunity to grow your audience to increase your brand awareness and even attract more customers to your business. From a technical point, having more followers will allow you to distribute your content quickly and get the word out there about your business. You can garner vital attention by participating in Twitter conversations that are relevant to your business. You can also use Twitter Hashtags to get your business trending. With trending hashtags, you will be tapping into an entirely new network of people who may find interest in what you have to offer.

Schedule your content

If you have time for Twitter, your business stands to benefit a lot. With constant activity, you will boost your brand reputation and keep your business going well. If your tweets and meaningful and appeal to a wider audience, your presence will be felt by a lot of people. Ensure you research on optimal posting times and take advantage of the scheduling of your content to span the entire length of your calendar.

Make the Best out of Twitter Ads

Twitter will offer you different ads based on your objective. The best types of ads are those that focus on awareness as well as website click campaigns. These campaigns are mostly used for promoting brand awareness and generating conversations respectively. You will be billed for every 1000 impressions if you set awareness ads. For website ads, you will be billed for every click to your site.


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